Just a reminder... Please don't use your iPad as a cutting board! ;)

...and once you start using your iPad, please remember that there are other more appropriate ways to do things besides using your iPad! It's all about using the right tool!

Create an Apple ID without a Credit Card

Adding your CCPS Outlook email account
[not required, but you will want to add an email account of some sort to move items created in apps out of the iPad!]
1) Click on Settings
2) Scroll down and click on Mail, Contacts, Calendar
3) Click on Add Account
4) Click on Microsoft Exchange
5) Input your email and password and preferred description (i.e., Work or CCPS or ....)
6) Input your email, Server: webmail.collierschools.com, Domain: prod.ccps.loc, Username, Password
7) Determine if you want to also have Contacts, Calendars, Reminders associated with your account
8) Save and then test out by going to Mail App to be sure you are getting your email.

Operation Basics

Flash! The iPad can do many unbelievable things, but unfortunately it doesn’t support Adobe’s Flash platform. Flash is used on websites, animations and video on the web. In order to view Flash content you will need to use browser app that can access Flash websites. We have installed PHOTON browser Photon.JPGapp on faculty iPads. At the present time, however, the District wifi will not allow you to access at school. It should work for you with your home wifi. For more information about using the PHOTON app, click here. The important thing to remember is to click the 'lightning bolt' icon to view flash pages!


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